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Translation of my book

21 November - Artikelarkiv


There has been an intense international debate about my book “How Children Took Power”. Since I get a lot of questions from international publishers and journalists from all over the world I have decided to translate the book into english. It will however take some time and the result will not be finished until beginning of next year.I’m thrilled over the huge interest from all over the world.

If you are interested in the book you can read a short information text below. You can also follow see how the information leaflet looks like in the attached file below. I have already got the foreword translated. You can read it here below in an attached file together with a translation of the titles of the chapters.

A Provocative and entertaining book

 A provocative and entertaining book about how the children have become little kings and queens of the family.

Sweden has long been a leading country when it comes to raising children and it was the first country in the world to ban corporal punishment in 1979. But have we gone too far? Yes, we have, argues psychiatrist and author David Eberhard and points to Sweden’s growing truancy rates, a rise in anxiety disorders, and the country’s declining performance in international educational league tables, as the tangible results of its too liberal parenting approach.

In today´s society the word parenting has almost become a dirty word. Children should not be told what to do. Instead you should act as if they were competent from the beginning –small adults.

Experts of various kinds from different countries tell us what to do, and warn us that giving our children what might be called an old-fashioned up-bringing might harm them.

But what do they really know about how to raise children? Not so much. In best case their advice is common sense, and in worst it’s someone else’s prejudice. But we do know a lot about brain function, psychological research and children’s normal development. The discrepancy between the child rearing expert’s warnings and the facts are enormous.

How the children took power is a book about how we raise our children. If we even are allowed to do that? How did we get into a situation where the word parenting has almost become a dirty word?

We warn our children about everything. We don’t let them out of our sight. If we do, we fear they will get kidnapped by paedophiles or get run over by a car. And the society makes us even more frightened. The overprotective parent is now the ideal. Not surprisingly because experts keep telling us how fragile children are. But children are built to survive hardships that far exceed what most of them will be exposed to in today’s society.

So take it easy. By ignoring most so-called experts, you will become a calmer and better parent. And the kids will get along just fine.

By looking at the facts presented in this book, and following the sound advice based on medical and psychological research, the whole business of parenting could be less distressing all round.

David Eberhard is a psychiatrist, since 2010 Medical Director at Prima Adult Psychiatry at Danderyd Hospital, and author of three bestselling acclaimed books before How the children took power. He debates, provokes and educates, often with humour as a weapon. 

David Eberhard lives in Stockholm and is the father of six children. 

His new book has within a few weeks of publication attracted attention in international media like The Independent, AFP, Australian radio, France 2, BBC, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and media in a lot of other countries in the world.

Information book english

Translation foreword and table of contents